Get Inspired With MindHandle Mix Vol. 11: Hard In Da Paint

If you’ve been to our office, you likely found yourself marveling at ‘Mix ’83’, a four-foot-long sculpture of an old-school cassette tape, created by our multi-talented CCO, Ken Womack. In fact, his artwork inspired the creation of our agency mixtapes. And – as if you needed any more proof that the guy loves the combination of great music and art – his debut mix, MindHandle Mix Vol. 11: Hard In Da Paint, includes the very songs he listens to while he paints.

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Get On Your Feet, It’s MindHandle Mix Vol. 10: Dancin’ By Myself

MindHandle Mixes were born out an office tradition nicknamed “Funky Fridays”. Every Friday, we wrap up the week by boggieing down to groovy tunes. During April 2020, we were all working remotely to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic—and found ourselves missing the comraderie and good vibes of Funky Friday.


Our VP of Strategy, Cherie Neyrey created her playlist, MindHandle Mix Vol. 10: Dancing By Myself, to help lift our spirits. You’ll find tracks from Jackson 5 to Paul Simon that sound like pure sunshine. Here’s our interview with Cherie.

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Fancy That, It’s MindHandle Mix Vol. 9: Brit Hop Pops

Our creative director, Carlos Cortiñas, brought together our latest MindHandle Mix Vol. 9: Brit Hop Pops—and it’s bloody brilliant. This mix follows the progression of underground pop across the pond, starting in the early 80s. It’s trippy, energizing, and anything but mainstream. Just trust us. Grab a pint and give it a listen with your mates!


Here’s our interview with Carlos himself.

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MindHandle Mix Vol. 8: Sunday Mornings

Our latest MindHandle Mix from account director Jordan Duran gives us all the feels. This mix of soulful, moody tunes encapsulate the bitter-sweetness of wrapping up the week with a contemplative Sunday. Pairs well with black coffee, a cozy blanket, and the slight patter of rain.

How would you describe this mix?

Calm, chill, relaxing music to listen to while sipping coffee on your couch on a rainy Sunday morning after a long weekend of events. Slow-tempo songs for when your brain is still waking up and clearing out the fog.

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Your Ticket to MindHandle Mix Vol. 7: Concert Consciousness

Concerts play on in our memories for years after we exit the venue—and the right song can take us back in a heartbeat. Mindhandle Mix Vol. 7: Concert Consciousness was created by accountant Katie Lange, and steps through the chronological history of her experiences as a fan in the crowd for big name bands like The Beach Boys, U2, and Taylor Swift.


Here’s the story of Concert Consciousness, in her words.

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