And…Action! MindHandle Mix Vol. 6: Songs that Steal the Scene

A million little decisions come into play when making a film. Choosing the perfect song to accompany a key scene is no small feat. Music sets the mood for a scene, cuing the audience into the nuanced, underlying emotions that can’t be conveyed by even the most talented actors and actresses.


MindHandle Mix Vol. 6: Songs that Steal the Scene, created by our multi-talented creative and strategist and resident film guru, Katie Cantu, celebrates the best tunes of cult classic films—and then some.

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Now Spinning MindHandle Mix Vol. 5: Favorites Over Time

Nostalgic & timeless tunes that have a story to tell.

If time travel exists, it’s made possible through music. The right song can transport us right back to pivotal—and even trivial—moments in our lives. MindHandle Vol. 5: Favorites Over Time, created by our senior production artist, Santiago “Bo” Botello, reminds us that music is not merely meant to be heard—it’s made to be felt.

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Dive Into MindHandle Mix Vol. 4: Under the Sea

Splash hits just in time for summer.

It’s almost summertime in Texas, which means we’re dreaming of lounging by the pool or taking a tropical beach vacation. If you’re itching for a dip in the water, too, you’ll love MindHandle Mix Vol. 4: Under the Sea, curated by our art director and resident aquatic explorer, Jillienne Jacoby. C’mon in, the water’s warm!

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We’re Two-Steppin’ to MindHandle Mix Vol. 3: Floatin’ ‘ol Frio

The soundtrack of Texas pride.

We’re a Texan agency, and it’s about dang time we celebrated our Texas pride on Spotify. Tune into MindHandle Mix Vol. 3: Floatin’ ‘ol Frio, created by our Texas-born-and-breaded VP of Brand Management, Mike Stopper. This mix two-steps through the best hits from Lone Star State music artists, like George Strait and Lyle Lovett, and sounds even better with good company and a cold one in hand.

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MindHandle Mix Vol. 2: Sweat With Swagger

26 Tracks for 26 Miles

Listen Up! MindHandle Mix Vol. 2: Sweat With Swagger just hit Spotify. This playlist turns up the volume, with high-energy tracks for pounding serious pavement. Here’s our interview with our senior copywriter and resident long-distance runner, Abi Morgan.

Abi, how would you describe this mix?

This mix is dedicated to my fellow female long-distance runners—and their lost toenails. 

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