Introducing MindHandle Mix Vol. 1: Flannel & Flint

Acoustic tunes to play when cozied up around the campfire.

Music is one of the oldest forms of storytelling and today, we’ve got the story behind our resident master storyteller, Eric Harris, and his passion for music. Check out our very first agency playlist, MindHandle Mix Vol. 1: Flannel & Flint, created by Eric himself, and read the following interview to hear why he chose to share this particular mix of songs with the world.

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Your Favorite Dallas Advertising Agency is Now Dropping Sweet Mixtapes

The rumors are true. We dropping an album.


Every Friday, MindHandle will be releasing a Spotify playlist hand-crafted by a member of our team to help you boogie, waltz, or two-step into the weekend. Like every great mixtape, our playlists will tell a story about us, and the things that speak to our hearts and—at times—get us on the dance floor.

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