Super Bowl Monday Morning (Brand) Quarterbacking

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What Type of Hero Is Your Customer?

For centuries, storytellers have employed tools to create and understand the Heroes in their narratives. They work tirelessly to define their Hero from the inside out: from their motivations, fears, and desires, to their mannerisms, appearance, and habits. One of the most popular and time-tested tools for character development? Character personas. And they’re one heck of a tool for marketers, too.

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Introducing MindHandle Mix Vol. 1: Flannel & Flint

Acoustic tunes to play when cozied up around the campfire.

Music is one of the oldest forms of storytelling and today, we’ve got the story behind our resident master storyteller, Eric Harris, and his passion for music. Check out our very first agency playlist, MindHandle Mix Vol. 1: Flannel & Flint, created by Eric himself, and read the following interview to hear why he chose to share this particular mix of songs with the world.

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Stories Open the Door to Your Mind

"We're on the same page."

"Are you riding this wavelength?"

"Now you're speaking my language."

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Anecdote vs. Story. What's the Difference?

While storytelling is MindHandle’s gift to the world, we're aware it's also somewhat of a buzzword in marketing, as the entire org chart learns to embrace humankind's most enduring form of communications.
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