What to Look for in an Employer Branding Agency


Employer branding can improve recruitment and retention by showing people what to expect from working at your company. It can build credibility and even protect your organization in times of change. 


Knowing exactly how to build your employer brand is much more difficult. A little guidance can go a long way. If your organization is prepared to bring on an employer branding agency, here’s what you should look for.

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How to Create Buy-In for Employment Branding


As passionate as we are about employment branding to improve retention and recruiting, it’s easy to forget not everyone sees the work as an absolute and obvious slam-dunk. What comes as second nature to your organization’s marketing, HR and internal communications departments might seem alien to some, especially those at or near the top of the org chart.

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Q&A: What Is Employer Branding?


More than ever, being an employer of choice is necessary to attract and retain talent. It can also attract consumers by demonstrating integrity and reinforcing shared values. But it’s not as simple as just aspiring to have a reputation of excellence when budget, time, and dated perceptions stand in the way.

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