How to "Date" Your Employees



MindHandle CEO, Eric Harris, spoke with Adam Fridman on his Future of People Initiatives podcast about retaining employees in today’s market. During the discussion, Eric talks about the need to “date” your employees, much one like would date their spouse to keep the relationship healthy.

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The Speed of internal communications: a tale of two employer brands


There are many factors to consider as you set out to build or strengthen your company’s employment brand, including the type of branding content you desire and the tone of your internal messaging. You'll also need to resolve one critical component of internal communications: How quickly your company’s brand should communicate.


Imagine this: In one of your conference rooms, there’s a long, horizontal line drawn on a whiteboard. On the left side is the word “fast.” On the right, “slow.” Now imagine representatives from HR, Marketing, Operations and Internal Comms are all sitting in that room.



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