3 benefits employees really want for ultimate engagement

In the age of the Great Resignation, there’s been no shortage of signs that many employees are beginning to look for new opportunities that better align with their priorities. Three fundamental truths remain:

  • Burnout is sky high.
  • Dissatisfaction is still running rampant.
  • Employees are putting life ahead of work and want a company that mirrors that priority.

So, what is it that employees want? While this could be a subjective answer, according to a Gallup study based on 13,085 employees, there are three general "wants" employees have of their employer.


 1.   61% expressed they want a place with great work-life balance

Or as MindHandle likes to say, "life-work balance" because life should come before work. Many employees have reshuffled their priorities to realize that life and those they love matter most to them. Employees want a workplace to respect that they have plans on the weekend, a kid's choir concert on Tuesday night, or a weekend trip that doesn't require checking emails.

2.   58% of those employees said they’re seeking the ability to do what they do best

No one likes to be put in a box, and more importantly, people want to flourish in their work environment. Employees know their skills and to be able to put them to good use.

3.   53% cited greater stability and job security

Employees want an employer they can believe in and trust—an environment where the employer does what they say they will do, and there’s a clear picture of growth within a healthy culture.


So, what do most employers do as a response? They use tactics they think they "should.” While sending gift cards or other promotional products may sweeten the deal, those aren’t truly fulfilling an employee's needs. And bare minimum requirements of structure don’t constitute true benefits. In fact, these approaches can come off as half-hearted and insincere.


What does successful engagement look like? And what is an authentic employee experience? Listen to CEO, Eric Harris, to learn more about how to keep the employee engagement flame alive and improve overall retention.




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