Just Minted: MindHandle Mix Vol. 17: Right On The Money


At first glance, real estate investors and rock stars appear to have little in common, when, in reality, they share a major common passion: money.


Cold, hard cash is one of the most common subjects of top music hits around the world. And while dropping brand names for luxury watches and shoes might seem like surface-level swaggery, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find stories about ambition, motivation, and freedom. Money stands for a lot more than money.

MindHandle Mix Vol. 17: Right On the Money is dedicated to our client, Residential Capital Partners, and their clients – house flippers to whom a loan is more than just cash – it’s how they live their passion.


Pairs well with: The smell of a leather wallet, the shake of a piggy bank, quitting your job to start a house flipping business


Perfect for: Harnessing hustle mentality


Best listened to: while dancing your way to the bank and/or making it rain


Best to kick off the weekend: “My House” – Flo Rida


Song that doubles as an insurance claim: “Burn The House Down” – AJR


Song that might be about a scrub boyfriend… or your adult child that just won’t leave the house. Seriously, Jerry, your mother and I want to enjoy our retirement, please stop eating all of our spaghetti and ruining our Netflix recommendations: “Bills, Bills, Bills” – Destiny’s Child


Song – hey, wait a second – Barenaked Ladies must have made a mil by now? Has anyone followed up to see if they ever got that emu? Surely they can afford Dijon mustard these days: “If I Had $1,000,000” – Barenaked Ladies


Song that may have very well invented the concept of “negging”: “Brick House” - Commodores


Song for a montage where you quit your day job, grow a gnarly beard, and ride your Harley Davidson to Vegas.: “Moneytalks” – AC/DC


You should probably run if you hear this song in your lender’s lobby: “Trust in Me” – Scarlett Johansson


Other brands that would dig this playlist: Wealthfront, MasterCard, NerdWallet, Forbes, Robinhood


Keep your ears to the ground for the release of
MindHandle Mix Vol. 18, debuting soon.


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