Let There Be MindHandle Mix Vol. 16: Light On


As a welcome to our newest client, Oldner Lighting, this week’s MindHandle Mix is a salute to the power of light! Owner and lighting master Scott Older uses his talents to bring out the emotion of commercial and residential spaces. Simply put: he transforms that space into a place by putting it in the best light.


Much like our playlist, Scott is truly eclectic. He’s a lighting designer, cyclist, nutrition junky, and even a musician! Give MindHandle Mix Vol. 16 Light On a listen and you’ll find a full spectrum of songs to love.

Pairs well with: The rising sun, gallery openings, neon signs, twinkling stars, the glow of inspiration


Best mood lifter: “Here Comes The Sun” – The Beatles


Best to kick off the weekend: “Get Lit” – Will Smith


Song to finally profess your love to Karen: “Steal My Sunshine” – LEN


Song for when Karen decides to move to Chile and start al alpaca farm with some guy named Chad instead of being your girlfriend: “Run” – Snow Patrol


Song you thought you knew the lyrics to… just keep singing, maybe they won’t notice: “Blinded By The Light” by Bruce Springsteen


How many lights Kanye believes would vote for Kanye for president: “All Of The Lights” – Kanye West


Thomas Edison’s ghost’s top karaoke pick: “What Light” – Wilco


Song most likely to play as your stare wistfully into the expansive, starry night sky and contemplate the unsolvable enigma of human existence… and then, hugging the alpaca scarf that Karen and Chad mailed you around your shoulders, finally find the closure to move on and fulfill your destiny as a TikTok breakdancer and lifestyle blogger: “Lights” - Journey


Other brands that would put their lighters up for this playlist: General Electric, Phillips, BIC



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MindHandle Mix Vol. 17, debuting soon.


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