We’re Two-Steppin’ to MindHandle Mix Vol. 3: Floatin’ ‘ol Frio

Spotify MindHandle Mix Vol. 3: Floatin' 'ol FrioThe soundtrack of Texas pride.

We’re a Texan agency, and it’s about dang time we celebrated our Texas pride on Spotify. Tune into MindHandle Mix Vol. 3: Floatin’ ‘ol Frio, created by our Texas-born-and-breaded VP of Brand Management, Mike Stopper. This mix two-steps through the best hits from Lone Star State music artists, like George Strait and Lyle Lovett, and sounds even better with good company and a cold one in hand.

 Stopper, what did you name your MindHandle Mix?

Floatin’ ol’ Frio.

How would you describe it?

Complements summer tubing down the Frio River. Pairs well with Shiner Light, swimming holes, the Texas Hill Country, bonfires, and burnt ends.

What inspired you to choose the theme?

In King George Straight’s song “All My Ex’s Live In Texas,“ the second verse has the lyrics “I remember that ol’ Frio River, where I learned to swim.”


For nearly a decade, my wife’s family comes together from Houston, Austin and Dallas for a long weekend in Concan, Texas, in southern Hill Country. Anywhere from five to seven families all rent one large cabin along the Frio River. You wake up to nature and picturesque sunrises, and go to sleep under the bright stars of the Texas sky. In between, you make your own meals, listen to Texas country music, float the river, sip a Shiner, and repeat.

Which song is your favorite?

The 1995 song “I Like Texas” by Pat Green—or “Pat f****ing Green”, as his fans usually chant—really shaped the landscape of the “Texas red dirt” sound. This song references Shiner Bock, Luckenbach, and various rivers and cities throughout the Lone Star State. It’s also the victory song played after the final out when the Texas Rangers win a home game.

If this mix was a brand, which brand would it be and why?

The mix is quintessential Shiner – totally chill and Texan.

What’s the secret to creating a great floating mix?

Life just slows down when you’re at the Frio. So the perfect mix is made of songs you want to sing loud and proud while sipping on a cold beverage and soaking up sun and togetherness.

Do any of the songs bring up a specific memory?

Kevin Fowler’s “100% Texan”—a Texas anthem from a longtime Texas artist. Down the road from the Frio Cabins is a dancehall called House Pasture Cattle Co. They serve a mean chicken fried steak, and have outdoor concerts on a small stage. Kevin Fowler is one of the artists we’ve seen there, so it was cool listening to him on a playlist during the day and on stage the very same night.


So there you have it, y’all! Press play and let Floatin’ ‘ol Frio carry you away, like a refreshing lazy river on a hot summer day.


Follow Mindhandle on Spotify and stay tuned for MindHandle Mixtape Vol. 4, available next Friday.


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