MindHandle Mix Vol. 8: Sunday Mornings

Spotify MindHandle Mix Vol. 8: Sunday Mornings

Our latest MindHandle Mix from account director Jordan Duran gives us all the feels. This mix of soulful, moody tunes encapsulate the bitter-sweetness of wrapping up the week with a contemplative Sunday. Pairs well with black coffee, a cozy blanket, and the slight patter of rain.

How would you describe this mix?

Calm, chill, relaxing music to listen to while sipping coffee on your couch on a rainy Sunday morning after a long weekend of events. Slow-tempo songs for when your brain is still waking up and clearing out the fog.

What inspired you to choose the theme?

I actually don’t listen to a lot of music these days as my older self prefers NPR or political podcasts, but when I do it’s typically on weekend mornings. This playlist is my go-to when my mind just seriously needs a break from the TV/Internet/Social Media/World. It’s also mostly sadder songs, so I also use it when I need to sit and just feel the feels with some music that’s on that same level.


Unofficially, it’s my hangover playlist.


What is your favorite song on this mix?

Probably “Colorblind” by the Counting Crows. It’s a song that just really resonated with me when I heard it 20 or so years ago and still does today. It’s a simple, slow song that hits on the emotional extremes within us and our anxiety about revealing them to others – something I struggled with growing up and am still working on.


If this mix was a brand, which brand would it be and why?

This playlist is pretty slow and calm, and also a little bit sad— the closest I’m getting are charities that raise funds by guilting you into it, like Sarah McLachlan with the SPCA.


What’s the secret to creating a great mix?

For me, it’s finding songs that just have the same energy-level and stick to a theme, whether that be in the lyrics, tempo, songs or genre.


Do any of the songs bring up a specific memory?

In chronological order:


“Mary Jane’ brings me back to signing along to Alanis at the top of my lungs with my mom and my sister in the car back when I was in middle school.


“Transatlanticism” brings me back to my emo high school days and all the amazing concerts I attended with my friends in high school.  Also from that time, “Tell Him” brings me back to a family trip to Italy, where I must have listened to the "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" at least a dozen times (low estimate).


“Carolina in My Mind” was a staple during my time at Duke. Even though it’s a slow song, it would get broken out at parties and everyone would sing along.


Thank you, Jordan, for bringing us a mix that tugs on our heart strings!



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