3 benefits employees really want for ultimate engagement


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In the age of the Great Resignation, there’s been no shortage of signs that many employees are beginning to look for new opportunities that better align with their priorities. Three fundamental truths remain:


        • Burnout is sky high.
        • Dissatisfaction is still running rampant.
        • Employees are putting life ahead of work and want a company that mirrors that priority.


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Now’s Not the Time to Social Distance from Social Media

In the most recent summertime report from The Harris Poll, 51% of Americans claim to be using social media more since the COVID-19 outbreak began. That percentage increases even more within specific age groups: 60% of respondents aged 18 to 34 and 64% of respondents aged 35 to 49 claim they have increased their screen time with social platforms.

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Restaurant Industry 2020 Trends: 5 Tips for Safer Dining Rooms

Good news! You’re finally able to open the dining areas your restaurant. With six to eight weeks of slow to no traffic, you and the team are raring to go! And yet, you’re anxious. The game has changed.

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Best Email Marketing Practices For Brands During COVID-19

Coronavirus is rapidly changing email marketing as we know it. The good news is that your customers want to hear from brands and this is a great time to build trust with subscribers. The tricky part is ensuring your message gets to your subscribers in the first place, instead of getting caught in spam folders.

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Big Game Continues to Command Big Costs for Commercials

Apple’s “1984” spot that aired during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XVIII in 1984 is still regarded as the best Super Bowl commercial of all time. But back in 1984, no one could have ever predicted the viewership of today’s Big Game, nor the cost of the commercials.


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